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The Red Wine Diet - Book The Red Wine Diet - Book

Wine is good for you, and we finally know why.

Wine drinkers are less prone to heart disease, diabetes, and dementia than non- wine drinkers. But what exactly is it about wine that keeps us healthy? Which is better for you, a California Cabernet or Syrah from the south of France? How can you choose wines that both suit your tastes and benefit your health?

In a landmark study, Roger Corder revealed that compounds called procyanidins are the key components of wine for preventing illness. Now, in The Red Wine Diet, he argues that drinking the right kinds of red wine and eating procyanidin-rich foods such as dark chocolate, apples, and berries can help us live to a ripe old age-while enjoying all the pleasures of life.

Corder's own tests show that, as a result of grape variety, wine-making style, and other factors, some red wines contain much higher levels of procyanidins than others. With a unique personal rating system, he describes the most beneficial wines he's found to date. And to round out his lifestyle plan, he includes fifty delicious recipes featuring foods that are high in procyanidins.

Corder's prescription is an easy pill to swallow: Drink red wine every day and live a long and healthy life.

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