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Sidney Teething Necklace
Sidney Teething Necklace

Sidney Teething Necklace


Discover why Mom's LOVE our modern approach to teething jewelry. Each design is crafted to coordinate with Mom's outfit, while still being functional for your teething baby. Completely redesigned to bring the best of both worlds - all silicone beading with a faux wood treatment.


BPA Free 

PVC Free 

Phthalate Free 

Breakaway clasp for added safety 

Soft on baby's gums 

Sensory Tool 

Length: 32 inches 


Teether Jewelry 101:
We use FDA approved silicone in our teether jewelry.  This means it is safe for moms to wear and for children to chew.  The silicone we use is similar to that used in pacifiers and bottle nipples.